Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS)

The Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) is responsible for the development and implementation of various programs and services that focus on the nonacademic aspects of the student’s life in the Institution.

Recognized Student Organization (RSO)

The college encourages and supports leadership training of students as part of their total development. This is made possible through their involvement in student organizations and community service. Student Organizations provide experiences and opportunities for skills and values development of students to maximize their potentials, promote self-actualization and foster holistic growth and development.

Only officially approved and recognized student organizations shall be allowed to operate in DCT.

  1. Types of Organization

    1. Academic Organization – organized according to academic departments, subjects or field of specialization.
      Ex.: Quest (Quint Essence of United & Educated Students of Travel & Tours), Math Club, and English Club
    2. Religious Organization -for spiritual formation and guidance of students.
      Ex.: Liturgical Choir
    3. Civic Organizations – Concerned with community services and development directed at organizing and mobilizing people to achieve social change.
      Ex.: Rotaract Club
    4. Cultural Organizations – ofor the enhancement of creative inclinations.
      Ex.: COSAMI (Theatrical Club), USLI (School Official Publication), DCT Dance Company (Performing Arts)
    5. Sports Organizations – for Physical fitness and athletic competition.
      Ex.: Varsity

    Students desiring to establish, join and participate in student organizations on campus shall do as a right, subject only to reasonable regulations promulgated by the college through the office of the Head of the Student Affairs.

  2. Steps in Applying for Recognition

    1. The Organization’s president must secure application form from the Administration Office.
    2. The president submits the form together with the following requirements to the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) for evaluation.
      1. List of officers and members with pertinent information:
        • Name, position, course and year
        • Address, birthday, contact number and specimen signature
      2. Faculty adviser’s letter accepting appointment (maximum of one faculty adviser per organization)
      3. Duly ratified constitutional and by-laws
      4. Layout of Logo and its literature
      5. List of proposed activities for the school year
        • Calendar of Activities
        • Objectives of each activity
        • Means of Funding
    3. The Head of the Student Affairs endorses his recommendation to Administrator.
    4. The President of the Organization will be informed by the OSA of the Administrator’s approval.
    5. The Organization will be issued with Certificate as Recognized Student Organization.
  3. Conditions for Revocation of Recognition

    1. Conditions for Revocation of Recognition
    2. Failure to submit the calendar of activities, list of accomplishment, and Complete Financial statement every year.
    3. Involvement in trouble
    4. Physical Hazing or any related activities
    5. Violation of the school Rules and Regulations
  4. Privileges of a Recognized Organization

    1. Use of School Facilities
    2. Promotion of activities
    3. Sponsoring of Activities
    4. Representation of school in external activities
    5. Any Tuition Fee discount among active officers is upon recommendation of the adviser or OSA and approval of the Director for Administration.
  5. Faculty Advisers

    1. Each organization will only have one adviser. Each adviser is responsible only to one (1) organization.
    2. Only full time faculty and with specialization, training, experience or interest in the objective of the organization may be allowed to serve as the organization’s adviser. Their function as Advisers shall be considered as part of their non-teaching duties.