Senior High Department

The Senior High School Department commits itself to the total formation of the person, promotion of truth and transformation of values for the service of humanity.

SHS Program Expectations, Academic and Disciplinary Policies

  1. Classroom Instruction

    • One subject consumes 80 hours per semester.
    • 54 hours classroom instruction, 26 hours of related learning experiences.
    • Trainings and seminars will be scheduled throughout the academic year.

  2. Books for Applied and Specialized Subjects are required.

  3. Dropping of SHS Monitoring Card

    • Monitoring cards will be dropped for acquiring three cumulative unexcused absences. An absence is treated as an excused absence when the following elements or evidences are present:
      1. Medical Certificate signed by the Health Office
      2. Death Certificate of deceased family member
      3. Official School Activities/ Programs signed and approved by the School Administrator
      4. Excused letter signed by the parent/guardian

  4. Tardiness

    1. Attending classes 10 minutes (MWF Classes) 15 minutes (TTH Classes) late or as specified by the subject facilitator as a classroom rule shall be marked “tardy”.
    2. Acquiring 3 tardy marks is equivalent to one absence.

  5. General Guidelines during Examination Week

    1. Conduct of Examinations
      1. Examinations for core subjects are departmentalized.
    2. During the examination week: bags, cellular phones, review materials and papers are prohibited.
    3. Students are only allowed to bring the following paraphernalia:
      1. Calculator
      2. Pen
      3. Exam Permit

  6. Exam Permits

    1. NO PERMIT – NO EXAM. Secure your exam permits before the examination week.
    2. Examination permits are not equated or equivalent to payments
      1. Provision of promissory note is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of legal age that can make official transactions in behalf of the student or parent/s.
    3. Schedule for releasing of permits is 2 weeks before examination week
    4. No permits will be released after the specified schedule

  7. Completion of Missed Major Examination/s

    1. Application for completion to take major exams must be filed at the SHS-Coordinating office, validated by the subject facilitator and approved by the Assistant Principal.
    2. Students will only be allowed to take major examinations after the specified schedule for the consequent reason:
      1. Demise of an immediate family member
      2. Sickness
      3. Official school activities approved by the Administrator
      4. Other valid reason constituting an emergency beyond the student’s control. Credibility of the reason presented will be determined by the Assistant Principal.

  8. Lunch-Out Passes

    1. To secure students’ safety, going out during lunch break is prohibited.
    2. Students who wish to spend their lunch/break hour outside the school premises must ask their parent/guardian to sign a lunch-out pass, which will then be noted by their respective advisers.
    3. Effective for ONE semester only

    4. These passes will be provided by the students’ adviser.

  9. Clearance Signing

    1. Must be individualized
    2. Must be completed before the Final Examination Week

  10. General Retention Policy

    1. Grade 12 – Students should not acquire more than 2 failing grades in one school year as this will barred the student from enrolling in the Institution or non-admission for the next school year. Further, the student will not be promoted for the next grade level.
    2. Grade 11 – No grades below 80 in all specialized courses.