Senior High Department

The Senior High School Department commits itself to the total formation of the person, promotion of truth and transformation of values for the service of humanity.

Senior High School Objectives

SHS Program Objectives

The Senior High School department adheres and passionately affirms and practices the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Institution. In accordance, the subsequent are the DCT-SHS program objectives:

After 2 years students will be able to:

  1. Realize their potentials in line with entrepreneurship, health, education, social work, etc. Or in any other chosen field/profession.
  2. Recognize their significance as shown by substantial contribution in the community inform of their advocacy, leadership, and profession.
  3. Applies strong leadership in their chosen field as expressed by extensive output in research and other scientific studies, innovations and other significant improvements in their area/profession in terms of practice and/delivery system.
  4. Develop strong sense of spirituality by actively practicing Christian values as expressed in service for humanity and in all God’s creation.

SHS Program Objective Tri-focalization

  • Explore

    Refining foundational and advance affective, cognitive, and psychomotor aspect thru Research or scientific studies. Cultivating conscious exploration of interests and preference among students within their chosen field.

  • Apply

    Appertains to affective, cognitive, and psychomotor process into an applicable platform that involves substantial contribution that promotes and improve the quality and preserves the integrity of life.

  • Develop

    Transforming academic experience into construe of becoming a relevant Christian witness who advocates faith and pursues zealously stewardship of truth.