Senior High Department

The Senior High School Department commits itself to the total formation of the person, promotion of truth and transformation of values for the service of humanity.

SHS Curriculum

DCT – SHS Program


Language Oral Communication
Reading & Writing
Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino
Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Iba’t Ibang Teksto Tungo sa Pananaliksik
Humanities 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions
Communication Media & Information Literacy
Mathematics General Mathematics
Statistics & Probability
Science Earth and Life Science (Lecture and Laboratory)
Earth Science taken by STEM
Physical Science (Lecture and Laboratory)
Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction taken by STEM
Social Science Personal Development / Pansariling Kaunlaran
Understanding Culture, Society and Politics
Philosophy Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person / Pambungad sa Pilosopiya ng Tao
PE and Health Physical Education and Health



  • Academic Tracks

    • Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) specialized subjects:
      • Applied Economics
      • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
      • Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 1
      • Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 2
      • Business Math
      • Business Finance
      • Organization and Management
      • Principles of Marketing
      • Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity i.e. Business Enterprise Simulation
    • General Academics (GAS) specialized subjects:
      • Humanities 1
      • Humanities 2
      • Social Science 1
      • Applied Economics
      • Organization and Management
      • Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction
      • Elective 1 (from any Track/Strand)
      • Elective 2 (from any Track/Strand)
      • Work Immersion/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity
    • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) specialized subjects:
      • Creative Writing
      • Creative Nonfiction: The Literary Essay
      • World Religions and Belief Systems
      • Megatrends and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Culture
      • Philippine Politics and Governance
      • Community Involvement and Social Issues
      • Introducing the Social Sciences
      • Introducing the Applied Social Sciences
      • (Communication, Journalism, Guidance and Counseling, Social Work)
      • Work Immersion/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) specialized subjects:
      • Pre-Calculus
      • Basic Calculus
      • General Biology 1
      • General Biology 2
      • General Physics 1
      • General Physics 2
      • General Chemistry 1
      • General Chemistry 2
      • Work Immersion/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity Research
  • Tech-Voc Tracks

    • Food and Beverages + Bread and Pastry + Cookery (F&B) specialized subjects:
      • Food & Beverages 1
      • Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business, and Management 1
      • Food & Beverages 2 (Procedure)
      • Food & Beverages 3 (Production)
      • Bread and Pastry Production NCII
      • Cookery NCII
    • Information Computer Technology (ICT) specialized subjects:
      • Computer Programming 1 (Information Technology Fundamentals)
      • Computer Programming 2 (Office Productivity Tools with Information Processing)
      • Computer Programming 3 (Basic JAVA)
      • Computer Programming 4 (Network Management)
      • Computer Programming 5 (Object Oriented Programming)
      • Computer System Servicing NCII
      • Computer Programming 7 (JAVA) NCIII
      • Work Immersion/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity Research