The Office of the Library commits itself to the total formation of the person, promotion of truth and transformation of values for the service of humanity.

Library Services

Services Offered:

  • Readers Services

    The Library reader’s services provides assistance to the library users for effective, efficient and easier access and retrieval of library materials from a library and Information center.

  • Current Awareness

    The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries. Public libraries in particular have used display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions, and many libraries produce complete or selective lists for circulation to patrons.

  • Internet Services

    The Library provides users with access to the Internet and an office application suite. The vast network of information and resources available on the Internet enables the Library to provide information services beyond the confines of its own collection.

  • Referral Services

    A type of reference transaction in which patrons with an information need are directed to a reputable person or institution or agency outside the Library.

  • Photocopying/Printing

    Services-Many if not most users will want to print out information. Libraries often charge for printing even where access is free, to cover the costs of paper and ink.

  • Instructional Media Services (IMS)

    The Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides the academic community with multimedia and audiovisual resources and services in support of its instructional, research and extension programs. It houses and circulates multimedia and audiovisual resources and provides training on its effective and efficient use.

  • On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

    It is an access tool and resource guide to the collection of a library or libraries which provides bibliographic data in machine readable form and can be searched interactively on a computer terminal by users.