Guidance and Counseling

The Guidance and Counseling Office commits itself to drive developmentally appropriate academic, career, and social/emotional growth of all students.

Guidance and Counseling Services

Programs and Services

The Guidance Program aims to serve the needs of individual students in terms of personal growth and development. It is designed to help students enhance the best in him/her, to responsibly adjust to situations as he/she progresses and contribute to the growth and development of others and the community. The Center seeks to attain its goals through the following services and programs:


    This service welcomes students and makes them feel comfortable in the school environment. It assists the students in their adjustment to a new phase of life.


    This service gathers necessary information about individual students that will help in charting their progress/ development. It enables students to know themselves better and plan for their future with confidence.


    This service assesses students’ capacities and diagnoses their strengths and weaknesses in different learning areas.


    This is the heart of the guidance services. It provides proper assistance according to every student’s needs thereby develop in them desirable attitudes and values. It gives opportunity for individual students to understand their problems more clearly, to make choices and decisions, and to resolve conflicts.


    This service provides students with pertinent information that is not ordinarily supplied through instructional programs.


    This service aims to gather vital information and feedback and use them in the revision and strengthening of the curriculum and school service.