Guidance and Counseling

The Guidance and Counseling Office commits itself to drive developmentally appropriate academic, career, and social/emotional growth of all students.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


The vision of the Guidance and Counseling Office is to provide a preventative, responsive and comprehensive program that cultivates academic, personal/social, and career connections for all students. Through advocacy, character development, leadership, and collaboration, self- awareness and academic achievement. Our vision is that this will ensure that all students understand and embrace their own value and have an intrinsic motivation to contribute to their community and a diverse world, as they become members of a global work force.


The Guidance and Counseling Office mission, in alignment with the Dominican College of Tarlac, is to drive developmentally appropriate academic, career, and social/emotional growth of all students. The professional school counselor will maintain a collaborative partnership with all including parents/guardians, school personnel, and community members, as a student advocate, to support student success. Together we will provide a safe, positive environment where all students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. By fostering life-long learning and respect for self and others, we will promote a foundation of success that will support them beyond their school years.


  • To assist the students in addressing their educational, personal, and social issues.

  • To recognize the wide range of abilities, talents, and needs of our student body by offering individualized career information and guidance.


  • Assist the students in their interaction with members of both sexes through knowledge, acceptance and appreciation of their own individuality.

  • Give instruction and various activities to students that can help them develop the application of proper communication skills for academic success.

  • Assist the students in their search for identity by providing an avenue for them to identify, express and share their distinctive traits with others.

  • Provide situations for the students that could help them interact well with others through socially responsible behavior.

  • Expose the students to different career opportunities that would guide and help them decide logically, prudently and cleverly on what courses are best suited to their capabilities, aptitude and interest.