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The SSC Induction for New Leadership

The Annual set of new leaders for the different positions of SSC Organization to lead the way of their fellow
Dominicans was inducted and took their Oath of Office at the St. Nicolas Parish Church
with the goal of “to promote unity, assertiveness and development among students on the 30th day of June, 2016.”

The LIPAD, SSS and Independents who joined the elections with fire of passion, team work and dedication in their hearts who wish to become part of the lucky 13 positions in SSC Organization but only the LIPAD party list made it to the top as they earned the highest score during the elections.

After four months of waiting, the new set of SSC Family has been inducted with their designated positions and duties namely:

  • Mary Paulene P. Santos (President)
  • Ella T. Miranda (V.President)
  • Angelica C. Capiendo (Secretary)
  • Christian Matthew V. Uy (Treasurer 1)
  • Robin L. Maun (Treasurer 2)
  • Shaina Maye C. Castro (Auditor)
  • Allan E. Lumba (Business Manager)
  • Russel T. Ocampo (Public Relation Officer)
  • Aldrin S. Tanglao (Sports Coordinator)
  • Erish A. Rodriguez (4th yr. Representative)
  • Wendell A. Macaspac (3rd yr. Representative)
  • Rjean A. Guarin (2nd yr. Representative)
  • Rommuel R. Gomez (1st yr. Representative)

“My main reason for running is God. He gave me all that I have, and all that I am. The least that I can do is to share it to the others by means of service. When it comes to motivation to fulfill my duties I have a lot to mention, first and foremost, God because I can never fulfill my duties without Him and His grace. My family, co-officers, our SSC adviser, teachers and of course the students are also the reasons why I am doing my best to fulfill my duties. It’s for them and I am with them in fulfilling my duties.” The SSC President said.

On the other hand, Ms. Ella Miranda the Vice President also shared her journey during the elections saying “The election was scheduled on the same day of our feasibility study defense, so you can imagine the pressure I had to endure then. Although my friends kept telling me I had a string chance, I felt restless and unsure given the little time we were allowed to campaign. But when it was over all I felt relieved that we wouldn’t have to console anyone from the team because we all won.”

The officers promise to do the best of their abilities to fulfill their duties as a leader, follower and students as well. In addition, Most Rev. Fr. Enrique V. Macaraeg. D.D., the bishop of Tarlac held his first official visit in DCT and led the Oath of Office for the leaders.

By: Rachelle Ann Roldan

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