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Acquaintance party celebrated with Trumpets

Another event had happened inside the DCT campus as the students celebrated the annual Acquaintance Party last
July 22.

Party’s theme “Elegance in Simplicity” was highlighted by the Trumpet dance challenge. It was the first time the DCT Terpsicorps dancers were joined not only by the students and Student Council (SSC) but also by College Instructors.

Some of the instructors who danced are Mr. Eric Perez (College Adviser), Mr. Allan Capunfuerza (NSTP Adviser), Mr. Lito Bognot (College Instructor) and Mr. Renel Samson (OSA Coordinator).

“For a person who is not a born dancer, dancing in front of a big crowd is really a big challenge. When I was asked by some of the council officers to accept the dance challenge I was really hesitant to accept it but because I always want to make the college activities, parties, to be more exciting and enjoyable I accepted the challenge. I thank God the agony ended in short time” said Mr. Eric Perez.

“It was supposed to be a flash mob using the song “Trumpets”, but it turns out to be a trumpet dance challenge. The purpose of it is to promote unity and fun among the students and faculty by means of a dance challenge” said Ms. Mary Paulene Santos (SSC President).

Aside to the Trumpets dance, there are more fun activities, like the mini interviews on the students, followed by the song and dance performances from the performing artists, as well as games, raffle draws, and of course the most awaited part – overnight disco.

The party ended with a blast.

By: Shierien V. Alvarez

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