College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) envisions itself to be well-established learning Christian community where students are provided diverse and meaningful liberal education and experiences that vitalize their competencies in communication, capabilities in research and responsiveness to social and political development of the country.

Course(s) offered

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (B.A. Pol. Sci) (CMO No. 51, s. 2017)

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science should be able to but not limited to, depending on the track /specialization:

  1. Compare, contrast and classify the major concepts in the discipline;
  2. Recognize and define the distinctiveness of the discipline, its subfields, theories, and methods;
  3. Design and execute research inquiries using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods guided by theories or conceptual frameworks;
  4. Demonstrate, written, visual and oral presentation skills to produce and present analytical reports;
  5. Critique, judge and respond to current issues and problem-based on a substantive understanding of the historical and contemporary developments in the national and global contexts; and
  6. Develop a predisposition towards ethical political involvement and practice in various forms and on different levels of engagement.