College of Hospitality Management

The College of Hospitality Management (CHM) commits itself to the promotion of management proficiency and quality outputs through effective and relevant instruction aimed at providing advanced and specialized knowledge to enhance the quality of Christian life.

Academic Policies for CHM Department

DCT-CHM Uniform Policy

Students who are enrolled at DCT – CHM are trained in a holistic manner to enter the workforce with minimal adjustments. Therefore it would benefit students to treat every day as work day requiring that they wear their uniform in a professional manner. Students of DCT are expected to project the image of the institution both on and off campus.

CHM General Rules

  • All students are to wear the stipulated DCT uniform on campus.
  • Laboratory uniforms are to be worn during the lab classes like kitchen, housekeeping and dining room only.
  • Armhole and spaghetti strap tops are not permitted.
  • Deeply cut sleeveless blouses for female or sleeveless vest for males are not permitted.
  • Outfits displaying midriffs or exposed backs are not permitted.
  • Flip-flops or slippers are not permitted to class
  • Attire must not display obscene, profane, lewd, illegal or offensive images or words.
  • Male students are not allowed to wear earrings at the school premises.
  • Open toe sandals are not to be worn in the laboratory.

Guidelines for Culinary & Baking Classes

  • Students are mandated to be attired in their complete chef uniforms for all kitchen practical and preparatory sessions.
  • Student must fill up the requisition form in 2 copies and must surrender their id in exchange of the borrowed items.
  • Students must be properly groomed. No facial hair is allowed.
  • Students must ensure their personal baggage and personal belongings are secured at all times. Nonetheless, the school is not liable for any missing articles belonging to students.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink during practical sessions, except when prior permission has been granted where it involves an integral part of the assignment.
  • Students are not allowed in the kitchen area unless a Chef Lecturer is present.
  • Students are not allowed to remove any piece of equipment from the kitchen without permission from a Chef Instructor.
  • Students are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Any student caught engaging in rowdy or disrespectful behavior will be removed from the kitchen immediately.
  • Students are responsible for adhering to the safety and sanitation rules.
  • Students are mandated to assist with the cleanup maintenance of the work area at end of the practical session. Floors of the kitchen are to be swept, scrubbed and mopped and all equipment, dishes, stoves and countertops are to be scrubbed and cleaned daily after use. Students who are unable to partake in these duties must present a medical certificate from the school doctor stipulation he reason for the circumstance.
  • Students must ensure that all gas and electrical units are turned off before leaving the kitchen and should be properly endorsed to the maintenance or security on duty for double checking.
  • Absolutely no cellphones are allowed in the kitchens or other practical sessions.
  • Theft is against the law. Students found stealing ingredients, tools or equipment from the institute may be liable to suspension or dismissal

The Chef Uniform

  1. The DCT – CHM – approved chef’s coat jacket is :
    • White, double breasted and with clear black buttons only
    • Must have the DCT logo embroidered on the left chest area
    • Tailored to allow room for movement and shall be buttoned to the top button.
    • Long enough to cover the buttocks
    • Long sleeves worn down and cuffed at the wrist
  2. The chef’s pants are:
    • Of black and white checked material
    • Tailored to be loose fitting and hemmed
  3. Chef’s white half apron reaching four (4) inches below the student’s knee
  4. Two (2) white, white side towels
  5. White neckerchief, triangular and folded to a strip to tie
  6. Black leather top closed front shoes with grip and nonskid rubber soles are acceptable
  7. Plain white or black socks only
  8. White fabric chef hat
  9. Under the chef jacket students may wear plain white short sleeved undershirts with no logos.
  10. All parts of the uniform must be clean, pressed and worn in its entirety.

The Kitchen dress code standard

The Uniform:

  • To be worn every practical and mis en’ place sessions and operations.


  • Each student must be carefully groomed.


  • Hair must be kept off the face. If length is beyond the bottom of the collar it must be neatly tied back and must not cover the ears. All facial hair ( moustaches, sideburns, chins and under neck area) MUST be clean shaven.


  • Hands and fingernails must be scrupulously clean. No nail polish may be worn. Fingernails are to be trimmed and kept short.


  • Should appear natural , not excessive


  • Wrist watches and wedding bands only


  • Any kind of cologne or scents are not allowed in the kitchen area for safety purpose.