College of Computer Studies

The College of Computer Studies (CCS) is an educational institution committed to its three-pronged vision of continually sharing knowledge and expertise through teaching, engaging in computer science research and information technology product development, and rendering service to communities in need.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


The College of Computer Studies envisions itself to be a Dominican College community that is fully responsive and highly committed to produce competent IT students by providing them relevant and quality education.


We commit ourselves in attaining academic excellence through a well-balanced Information and Technology curriculum in order to provide opportunities and development of the students in achieving quality outputs to become productive and responsible Christian Filipinos.


  • Provide the means allowing the faculty and students to achieve basic literacy and competence with basic IT tools;

  • Provide opportunities for faculty and students to expand their knowledge and skills with IT to meet their needs and to keep abreast with changing times; and

  • Maximize the productivity of faculty and students by providing infrastructure and administrative support including software and hardware.


  • To equip students with a foundation of knowledge and skills to meet industry’s computing needs;

  • To engage students in developing problem-solving strategies and work habits that will be useful in their career and occupation;

  • To deliver quality instruction, support, training and education for the students; and

  • To help faculty and students maximize the value of Information and Technology