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About the College of Computer Studies


History of CCS

The College of Computer Studies (CCS) is an educational institution committed to its three-pronged vision of continually sharing knowledge and expertise through teaching, engaging in computer science research and information technology product development, and rendering service to communities in need.
Started in 2009 with 77 students, the college was granted government recognition to start its 1st and 2nd year level. Dr. Rachel Rivera was the first dean of the college. Full government recognition for the 4- year course was given last 2010 with Carolina C. Sanchez, D.I.T., as the dean.

CCS upholds the tradition of excellence through its intensive program that emphasize actual implementation of theories and of project-oriented and real world environment, the College develops experts in information technology, equipping its students to become tomorrow’s leaders in information technology, industry, research, academe, and government.

The Logo of CCS


The color red is associated with strength and power. The college believes in the power of information technology promoted through the different specializations delivered within the curriculum.