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Dominican College of Tarlac (DCT) believes in the ultimate goal of education, that is, the total integral formation of the human person that would lead him to attain the purpose of which he was created, namely: union with God, community with others, and harmony with creation. As such, it is an imperative for the DCT Community to establish and sustain a learning system that nurtures the human person by providing thoughtful opportunities for the development of reason, deepening of faith, and the appreciation and living out of Dominican values.

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Welcome to DCT


A God-loving educational community with passion for truth and compassion for humanity.


We commit ourselves to the total formation of the person, promotion of truth, and transformation of values for the service of humanity.


We aim to provide transformative education that is responsive to the development of Wisdom, Social Responsibility, and as responsible Christian Witness in accordance with the Gospel Values to become a productive member of the society.


What we offer

Christian Values

DCT forms its students with Christian moral values.

Quality Education

DCT delivers quality education with its students.

Competent Faculty

DCT provides qualified and competent faculty.

Competitive Facilities

DCT offers competitive facilities in the region.

Convenient Schedule

Class schedule in DCT is convenient.

Accessible Location

The location of DCT is more accessible.



Cognitive – to possess knowledge and skills for social communication

Affective – to demonstrate sensitive awareness of one’s role in social building

Psychomotor – to positively engage oneself in relevant social issues

Social Responsibility

Cognitive – to inculcate awareness of Filipino Christian values

Affective – to show appreciation of our Christian dignity as stewards of God’s creation

Psychomotor – to promote moral commitment to ecological balance

Christian Witness

Cognitive– to acquire understanding scriptural teachings

Affective – to manifest love for the scripture

Psychomotor – to practice scriptural truths in every aspect of life

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The Dominican College of Tarlac celebrates its 75th Founding Anniversary despite the country on coronavirus pandemic through virtual means from […]

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