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Higher education is an educational level that follows a completion of a school providing a secondary education. Tertiary education, often called ‘post-secondary education’, is normally taken to include undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as vocational education and training. Successful completion of a tertiary education program of study generally results in the awarding of certificates, diplomas, or academic degrees. Higher education includes teaching, research, exacting applied work, and social services activities of universities.


DCT Vision

A God-loving, nationalistic and disciplined educational community for the formation of a competent person with passion for truth and compassion for humanity.

DCT Mission

We, the members of the community of the Dominican College of Tarlac, conscious of our Christian vocation and faithful to God’s call for evangelization, under the maternal guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the inspiration of St. Dominic, commit ourselves to the holistic formation of the person, the promotion of truth and transformation of values for a life of dedicated service to humanity.

DCT Goal

The Dominican College of Tarlac is established, primarily, for the integral education of the person. As such, it aims to provide quality formal education within an environment conducive to learning cognitively, affectively and psycho-socially. The institution is committed to contribute academically sound and skillful individuals to the community; to form young people to be authentically God-loving Christians; and, to produce citizens who will be effectively contributing and valuable members of the society.