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College of Computer Studies

College of Computer Studies

Registered Academic Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

College of Computer Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology started last June 2009. The program aims to give the students an edge to gain extra skills in the field of Information Technology in order to become globally competitive. Adhering to schools mission, the college is also committed to the holistic formation of the person, the promotion of truth and transformation of values for a life of dedicated service to humanity.

The College prepares the students with broad, integrated IT knowledge which includes communications, computer networking, computer-based systems, database management, software development, website development, multimedia and electronics. Students learn current and emerging technologies, design user-friendly interfaces, apply new technologies. We are also committed to form young people to be authentically God-loving Christians; and, to produce citizens who will be effectively contributing and valuable members of the society.

Career Opportunities for BSIT Graduates:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Content Management Officer
  • Computer Encoder
  • Computer Technician
  • Network Manager
  • Animator
  • Graphics Designer
  • Call Center Agent
  • Business/Systems Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Instructor